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AA Classic Car Insurance

Do you own a classic car? Yes! So you have a piece of our past automobile history. But, have you insured it properly. Why? Because owning a classic car is a matter of pride. Though it might not be as speed as modern day vehicles but is still a collector's item. The value of a car depreciates every year whereas the value of a classic car increases with its age. So, you need car insurance from a company that actually realizes the value of a classic car and provides insurance accordingly. AA insurance company specializes in classic car insurance and provides a benefit rich insurance policy.

AA classic car insurance offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Cover for loss, theft or damage
  • Cover for loss of personal belongings
  • Guaranteed no claim discount
  • Courtesy car and other breakdown options
  • Optional benefits added at low costs

In addition you also have the option of customizing your classic car insurance to best suit your needs. So, add what you want and remove what you don't need and design your own policy. Isn't it a delight? Yes, it is! So, hurry up, take a wise decision and insure your lovely classic car and protect the true worth of your car.