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Car Hire Insurance

You plan to hire a car for the weekend trip. But have you thought about insuring your hired vehicle? No then it may trouble you should an untoward incident happen. But the hiring agency has insured it so why to take an extra insurance plan? It is because the insurance plan of the hiring agency, in most cases, comes inadequate in providing you complete protection. That's why you need to get an extra car hire insurance plan so that your trip does not become nightmarish. And if you are avoiding it till now due to costs involved then Atlas car hire insurance plans come up as a great solution.

The insurance plans from the company come well within your budget and it includes all features to comprehensively provide protection to the hired car. And you can also add any extra options, from the listed available, if you wish so. So, you can get cover for not only theft and damages but also cover for damages to car accessories and other parts.

So, don't take any chances. Eventuality can struck you any time. Better be prepared for it with Atlas car hire insurance. Browse through the other pages of this website to know more.