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Loss Damage Waiver Insurance

The vehicle you hire is insured. But have you ever verified what the conditions of the insurance plan are? In most cases, when you go through the terms you would be amazed to find that the insurance is just minimal only protecting you against third party losses. And in case there is an accident you are liable to pay the damages beyond the insurance limit. The damages, at times, can be huge and there is a lot of risk in hiring a vehicle with minimal insurance. So, what is the way out? You need to hire a vehicle and at the same time you want to protection against damages. The solution is simple. Go for an Atlas loss damage waiver insurance that will not only protect you against heavy financial losses but is also inexpensive to buy.

The loss damage waiver insurance plans can be bought online and it is in the name of policyholder and has a fixed term. You can hire and drive any vehicle in that period and from any car rental agency.

So, don't take that extra risk when you can get extra protection at low cost. Go for an Atlas loss damage waiver insurance and drive peacefully.