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Why to take car rental insurance when the rental agency does provides it? True but if you go through the terms and conditions of the insurance you may be surprised to find it very limited. It might not be covering all aspects and therefore it might happen that you may have to shell out extra money in case of an eventuality. So, what’s the solution? It would be in your best interest to go for additional car rental insurance, one that encompasses all possible losses and provides comprehensive cover to you.

Will it come costly? No if you opt for Atlas car rental insurance that is not only inexpensive but is also comprehensive to suit your needs. Atlas is a recognized company specializing in offering car rental and other similar nature insurance products to people in the country. And it offers high quality insurance plans for all latest and classic models to its customers.

You can buy the car rental insurance plans of the company just before you rent a car. Just spend a few minutes in front of your computer and buy it online. And you are ready to drive your rented car sans any worries of extra bills.