CIS Car Insurance

The Co-operative Insurance (CIS Insurance) is a Manchester based large insurance company having business interests in life, general and Compare Car Insurance and fund management. Founded in 1867, the company then was known as Co-operative Insurance Society Limited and used to provide only fire insurance to its members. CIS General Insurance Limited, CIS Unit Managers Limited and CIS Policyholder Services Limited are some of the other firms owned by Co-operative Group, the parent firm of CIS Insurance.

Get More Out of Car Insurance

Most of the car insured products sold by the company appear to be similar to others, but they are not. These covers offer more than what other conventional car insurance companies’ offer. Straight 10% percent discount for applying online, ₤50 cash back on your car policy premium when you have a bank account with CIS are the monetary benefits of buying car insurance from CIS. Online buying of policy is cheaper, but will depend on factors like age, type of car and age of additional drivers.

Non-monetary benefits are named drivers are eligible to earn their own no claim bonus, whenever your car gets involved in a accident, CIS car insurance provides you with a replacement or courtesy car for seven days free of charge, child car-seat replacement cover, theft or loss of keys cover, free accident recover service and 30 days of European Union cover absolutely free of cost. If you are concerned about mother earth, then car policies issued by CIS have something in them for you. The company makes sure that the repairers authorized by the company reuse and recycle materials. A part of the revenue of the car insurance business is invested in green projects like reforestation, development of renewable energy resources among other things.

Optional covers that one can entail while buying car insurance from CIS are legal expense insurance, enhanced courtesy car, car insurance breakdown cover and extended foreign use. In case of your car meets with an accident while you are driving it, the driver is still liable to pay damages caused to life and property. By availing this option, you can have a peace of mind as everything will be looked after by the company. One can also avail the in-house car breakdown service by paying a little extra. If you like traveling to Europe, then extended foreign use cover will enable you to reap the similar benefits in Europe like UK. Detailed information on company and its products can be obtained from