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CIS Enhanced Courtesy Car

Loss of a vehicle can toss your daily schedule. How will you go to work? How will you go to other places? That's where CIS enhanced courtesy car cover plan works. Under this plan the company provides you with an alternate vehicle for 14 days should you vehicle gets lost or meets an accident and is in repair. The company tries to provide you with similar vehicle so that your daily life doesn't get disruptive.

The many benefits of CIS enhanced courtesy car includes-

  • 14 days consecutive cover in case of loss or damage to your vehicle.
  • You and two other drivers with full driving licenses, included in the policy, would be able to drive the replacement car
  • The 14 day period can be extended by paying a nominal fee

The company has delivery centers across the country so that you can get your replacement car in shortest possible time. There are also extra options that you can include in the cover. You can take CIS enhanced courtesy car cover with the standard car insurance cover by just paying nominal charges. So, opt for it. And be on the road even if you don't have your own car.