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CIS Car Insurance Legal Cover

An accident can happen to anybody's fault. It can be you or the other driver. What if, it is other drivers fault and now you have to incur expenses on car repair and damages. Why should you pay? If you are involved in a road accident and if it is not your fault then you can claim your losses from the other driver or his insurers. How? With CIS car insurance legal cover. The legal team of the company will help you recover the claim from the other driver or his insurer. And, if necessary, the company will also help you get the claims through courts.

The car insurance legal cover plan includes evaluation of your insurance claim, negotiating with the other driver and his insurers, and going to the courts if required. The claims may include loss of earning due to the accidents, insurance excesses and other expenses incurred due to the accident. Using the specialized legal services of the company you would be able to rightfully recover the claim amount.

You can buy this extra option with your standard car insurance plan by just paying a nominal charge every month. So, get a CIS car insurance legal cover and get compensated for losses caused by others.