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Many young and talented minds meet an untimely death due to road accidents. Road rages are the leading cause of death to young people in the UK. The newspapers are regularly filled with reports of young people driving due to speeding or driving under the influence of drugs. Young drivers drive recklessly while drunk or under the influence of other substances and take chances with their own and other people lives leaving their family members bereaved forever. Little they realize the fallout of their misadventure. The Co-operative insurance company in association with the national road safe charity organization Brake has launched an initiative called 2 Young 2 Die to educate young people on the dangers of reckless driving.

The 2 Young 2 Die website educates young drivers on the dangers of bad driving and how it affects not only them but also other people. The website also provides shocking accounts of horror of people who have been affected by road crashes. Using this website, young drivers can know how to drive safely. You can visit the website to know more on the perils of recklessly adventurous and drunk driving. Support the cause and save the future of the country!