Churchill Car Insurance

Launched in 1989, Churchill Insurance is one of UK first companies to introduce the concept of direct motor insurance. Instead of relying on selling car claim products and services through expensive network of offices, brokers and agents, the company extensively harnesses the modern technologies of telephone and internet to sell their insurance products directly to their customers. This in turn translates into huge savings and for the company, which are passed on to customers in terms of cheaper Compare Car Insurance premiums and discounts.

Since the Churchill Policy was acquired by Royal Bank of Scotland in 2003, the car insurance products of the company are now also available in the branches of RBS, where agents appointed by the bank also sell the policies to customers. Your Money Awards has recognized Churchill Insurance as Best Online Motor Insurance Provider and Best Motor Insurance Provider. Apart from car reimbursement, Churchill also sells other safeguard products like home, travel, pet, breakdown, van, motorcycle and income protection insurance to its customers.

Why You Should Buy Car Insurance Online

When you buy any of the car indemnity products from Churchill Car Insurance online, then a straight 15% discount is offered to the buyer. This also makes the customer eligible for level one car breakdown cover from Green Flag, one of the largest and specialist breakdown service providers in United Kingdom with average response time of 30 minutes. What makes Churchill Insurance more appealing is the fact that 84% of the times breakdown services engaged by customers of Churchill have been successful saving crucial time and money for them.

Churchill Insurance review the rates for cover offered by them every week, which is why customers of the company are able to enjoy best valued products all the time. Car damage covers offered by the company also include - round the clock accident recovery, when a pre approved repairer by the organization is used by the customer of the company, it guarantees five years of repairs. If the car involved in the accident in less than a year old, Churchill Insurance replaces the car with a new, also covered are the medical expenses incurred due to accident and cover for belongings in the car (personal, in-car entertainment systems etc). Detailed information on company and its products can be obtained from the official website of the company