Cornhill Direct Car Insurance

A subsidiary of Allianz Insurance Plc, Cornhill Direct is one of the leading home insurance, commercial vehicle, travel, business security service provider, and car insurance apart from being one of the largest general insurers of UK. Best features of the Cornhill Direct car insurance include - replacement or courtesy car provided whenever the insured car is with Cornhill approved repairer for specific period, if the car meets with an accident in either United Kingdom or any of the European Union nations, then Cornhill will not only recover the car but also its passengers (maximum five) to their home town. Transportation and medical expenses are borne by Cornhill but loss incurred due to loss of jewellery, personal belongings (like mobile phones, cameras and other electronic goods) are not included in the cover.

Cars under comprehensive car policy by Cornhill are replaced under two circumstances, first if the car is less than a year old and is completely damaged and beyond repairs, or even if the car is less than a year old and the repair costs are more than 50% of the value of car. A limited cover is given to the in-car entertainment system, although it is not a manufacturer’s standard equipment shipped along with the car. Windshield and lock covers are of course part of the policies offered by Cornhill.

Something Extra

Though most of the Compare Car Insurance companies have a courtesy car cover clause in most of their policies, it is of no use if car gets stolen. Cornhill is the only company, which enables you to hire a car for 15 days in case your car gets stolen and that too at a down to earth price of ₤15 per year. And the customer will not get just any type of car, depending on the car type (Class A, Class B or Class C); the customer will get a car of the same class.

Breakdowns are as common as anything else, and they can happen anywhere. Cornhill again provides its policy holders with complete breakdown rescue services. Just a phone call to the company and the roadside assistance will arrive within 30 minutes. If the car is not repairable, it will be towed free of cost to the nearest approved garage and if that is not possible, passengers will be taken back to their home and car taken where it belongs, i.e. your place. If you want to know more about the company, its products and how their insurance policies can be bought, visit