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Cornhill Details of Car Insurance

Cornhill car insurance plans are comprehensive plans that offer numerous benefits. If you are still not sure about why you should buy a Cornhill direct car insurance plan then read on its benefits list:

  • Liability for loss of or damage to your vehicle
  • Liability for damage to others
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Accident recovery to you and fellow passengers (limited to 5) to any garage or destination of your choice
  • New replacement in case your new car cannot gets repaired
  • Personal accident cover to you and your partner
  • Repair or replacement incase of damages to windscreen
  • Cover for personal belongings like wheel chair, child seats cover etc,

In addition, the cover in the standard insurance plan includes a compulsory excess for your car type and a range of compulsory excesses up to a certain fixed amount. Using the above mentioned benefits and other extra optional at nominal cost, you can get full protection for your vehicle from financial losses arising due to an accident or theft or any other damage.

So, don't insure for legal obligations only. The financial implications can be huge. Buy comprehensive car insurance instead, only with Cornhill car insurance plans.