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Cornhill New Car Insurance

Bought a brand new car? Insure it with Cornhill new car insurance and get complete protection for your vehicle for the first year of ownership. The company will replace the car with a brand new one if the repair costs exceed 50 per cent of the cost of buying the similar car.

Damages to a car are a common thing. But to a brand new one is very frustrating. You have spent your hard earned money to buy this dream car and if it gets seriously damaged in the first year itself then the damages are severe. That’s why Cornhill new car insurance has come up with this innovative cover to replace your seriously damaged vehicle with a new one if the repair costs exceed beyond 50 per cent f the current price of the car. The plan will be valid for one year from the date of purchase of your new car. And it really gives new car drivers confidence so that they can enjoy drives in their branded new car.

You can buy this new car insurance online through a simple online application process. So, get Cornhill new car insurance for added protection to your brand new car.