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Cornhill Over 30s Car Insurance

Are you over 30 years of age and looking for a good car insurance plan? Then probably you need Cornhill over 30's car insurance plan that is especially designed with your needs in mind. The company understands that people over 30 with a family have specific needs and that cannot be met by a general insurance plan and that does why have designed a plan to cater to the varied needs of this age group.

An insurance plan with just basic benefits and huge premium amounts is not just for you. You need a specific plan and that's what Cornhill over 30s insurance promises you. And, a look at the list of benefits just speaks why over 30s is the right plan for you-

  • In case your car is out of service for more than 2 days then the company will arrange and pay for a car for up to 14 days.
  • The company staff will rescue the car if it gets immobilized
  • Legal protections for accidents caused because of others fault
  • Personal accident cover for you and fellow passengers

In addition there are many other benefits for your protection. It certainly pays to buy a Cornhill over 30s car insurance.