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Cornhill Performance Car Insurance

If you have a high performance car like Audi or Porsche then you need an equally good insurance plan. And what better than Cornhill performance car insurance plan from a trusted name in UK. People who drive expensive cars generally drive it safely. And that's why there insurance plans need to be different. In addition, any repair to a BMW or Jaguar comes at a high price and the accessories too are costly so the cover limit should be high. And Cornhill insurance company understands it perfectly. That’s why it offers a comprehensive cover perfectly suitable to high performance cars.

The cover includes all necessary features needed to protect a high specification car such as-

  • Car recovery from anyplace in UK and Europe
  • Medical expenses in case of injury to insured people
  • Cover for personal belongings
  • Facility of courtesy car

Above and all there are many extra optional that can be included to meet your specific needs. You will also get round the clock customer services wherein you can contact anytime you need help. So, buy Cornhill performance car and take a cover plan that will perfectly suit your car- Big cars need big cover.