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Cornhill Short Term Car Insurance

A short term car insurance is particular useful when someone else is driving your car. It can be your colleague who lends your car or your relative who drives the car when you are away from the country on a business trip. And even short term car insurance should also be comprehensive but less costly so that your car gets complete protection even when you are not driving it. Cornhill short term car insurance provides that complete protection your car. With short term car insurance, you can add extra drivers to your policies for up to 14 consecutive days. And if needed you can renew it again, several times a year.

Even if it is for a short period but a short term car insurance plan comes with all necessary covers including-

  • Recovery within UK and Europe
  • Medical expenses
  • Lock cover if your keys are stolen or lost
  • Personal belonging cover
  • Cover for wheel chair, child seats cover and stereo equipment
  • Courtesy car

You can add this cover any time you like or just before you are lending the car to your friend or colleague by using the online services.