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Cornhill Van Insurance

A van is a most prized asset to a business. And that's why it needs good protection so that you are duly compensated for any loss. Cornhill van insurance will exactly do that as it offers complete protection to vans through its comprehensive coverage. Take a look at the list of benefits offered by Cornhill van insurance and see for yourself how comprehensive the cover is-

  • Liability for death and injury
  • Liability for damages to property
  • Liability to loss or damage to vehicle
  • New vehicle, for 1 year old, if repair costs exceeds 50 per cent of actual cost
  • Repair and replacement of windscreen
  • Liability for loss and damage to personal belongings
  • Accident recovery within UK and Europe
  • Cover for stolen or lost keys
  • Courtesy car if you vehicle is immobilized

And there is much more in the form of no claim discounts. In addition it is extremely easy to buy insurance plans of the company. You can log in anytime and can buy it online by filling a simple application form and the cover will start instantly. So, get a comprehensive cover with Cornhill van insurance and protect against any loss.