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Motorbike prices are rising! Costs of motorbike repairs have sky-rocketed!

So it has become doubly important to insure your motorbike so that any repair costs gets compensated. In addition, you would also receive professional help in case of an accident or breakdown. So, if you want to buy comprehensive motorbike insurance and wish to buy from an experienced provider then Direct choice motorbike insurance would be a great choice. The company is established for more than 30 years and is therefore experienced enough to provide you with a good insurance cover.

The motorbike insurance plans from Direct choice cover bikes of all makes, models and ages. And drivers of all types from learners to experienced can buy these policies. Plus these plans are cost-effective as there are discounts for online buying, no-claims etc. And you can pay your premium monthly thus further reducing your financial burden.

The motorbike plans of the company come with many additional benefits that you can add in your plan. You can choose legal expense cover, breakdown cover etc. You also have a choice of three levels of cover for motorbike clothing, boots and helmets etc., in case of a road accident. Get a quote and buy it today!