Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Insurance Company offers several interesting features that go beyond the nuances of general insuring. With presence in the Spain, Mexico, Italy apart from the UK its products and services are just a call away. The merger with the Royal Bank of Scotland has pushed its brand further up. Some of the innovative features of Direct Line Insurance products offered in UK provide cover against vandalism. Claims made on these still preserve the no claim discount you avail. The drivers that are named in your policy can in fact have varying profiles and for this reason a varying no claim discount has been made possible. Also the company has gone out of its way when it provides easy cover even when an uninsured driver, who will take a very long time to clear under other circumstances, hits you.

Car Insurance

Car insurance caught the fancy of the insurance industry when Direct Line, in the mid 80s weaved an amazing success story with its offerings of single product i.e. car insurance over the telephone. Selling car policies to the customers directly saved the company a lot of money which otherwise would have been pocketed by middlemen and brokers. This in a way revolutionized the UK Compare Car Insurance industry which was till then more or less dominated by brokers.

Car Insurance Products

Car insurance products vary according to the needs of the people. They cover various aspects like fire, theft and come in different financial packages so that those looking for a more affordable means can have way safely and conveniently.

The comprehensive cover provided by some of these products include injuries to other people and damage to their properties, accidents caused by the drivers listed in your policy, accidental damage to your own car, medical and personal losses apart from the usual losses caused by fire and theft.

The claims premium on these products is determined by the company based on variety of factors like gender, age, history of the driver, type of the car. Calculations are made on based on the statistical data collected and premium rates are fixed. Usually men are charged more compared to women likewise a teenager when compared to an experienced driver with a good record. Direct Line Car Insurance products have become more exciting over time. Some of the features include offering discounts to that have not made any claims. Some of these discounts range from 30% to almost 60% of the premium cost.

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