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Direct Line Breakdown Multi Car Discount

Do you own more than one car? Are you looking for huge discounts on breakdown cover for these cars? Then you car needs a Direct Line multiple car insurance. Under this plan if you have taken standard car insurance plans of Direct Line for all your cars then you will get high discounts on your multi car breakdown cover so that you save more money.

A breakdown cover is a must for any vehicle but owners of more than one car may shy away from it due to huge costs involved. But with Direct Line breakdown multi car discount they can save hugely on insurance premiums.

In addition to huge discounts there are many benefits of breakdown covers-

  • It provides roadside repair assistance
  • You and your car will be transported in case the repair is serious
  • You also have the option of a guaranteed hire car for 14 days
  • You will also get legal protection for an accident which is of not your fault

Plus there is an experienced staff services which will provide you with timely help at the time of need. So, make use of these discounts and get breakdown coverage for all your vehicles.