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Direct Line Company Car No Claims Discount

Get rewards for your safe driving in the past with Direct Line company car no claims discount!

Till some time back you were driving a company car. You were a sole user of that car. And being a safe driver you have a no claims record on that insurance policy. Now you have relinquished that car for any reason and bought yourself a new car. The Direct Line company no car claims discount plan will reward you for no-claims on your previous policy by offering discounts on your new car policy.

If you are above 25 years of age and have records to prove that you have not made any claims on the previous company car insurance policy then you are entitled to up to 5 years of no claims discount on any policy you buy with Direct Line insurance company. So, now you will not only get a comprehensive car but will also get it at discounted rates.

Buying an insurance plan from Direct Line is very easy. You can be online from anywhere in UK and anytime of the day and apply for a quote. Once you are convinced then you can immediately buy the plan and pay through its safe payment mode. So, get a policy that earns discount for you, today!