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Direct Line New Improved Car Insurance

Bought a new brand car? Then buy a new improved car insurance plan.

The Direct Line new improved car insurance plans are perfect for people who want a good insurance policy at discount rates. The company offers a range of discounts to car owners under this policy that cuts down the insurance bills considerably. There are rewards for every one under this plan. Some of these are as follows-

  • Named Driver No Claims Discount- This discount is applicable to named drivers under your policy and they can earn discount in the future.
  • Only Driver Discount-This discount is applicable to single drivers who have an insurance policy of Direct Line and now have bought an additional car that will be only driven by them.
  • Company car no claims discount- This discount is applicable to people who have till now driving a company car and now want a policy for their own car.
  • Multi-car discount- You can earn the discount if you have more than one car and now want to insure both.
  • Breakdown multi-car discount- owners who have bought multi-car insurance will earn discounts on the breakdown cover.

The Direct Line new improved car insurance plans are super saver deals. Buy today and save more!