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Egg Optional Breakdown Cover

Car breakdowns can be very taxing. In addition to money lost there is also a lot of inconvenience that you and your fellow passengers may have to go through. While you cannot avoid a breakdown buy you can certainly ensure timely and professional help if and when it happens with a comprehensive Egg optional breakdown cover.

By buying an Egg optional breakdown cover, you can enjoy many useful benefits such as-

  • Rescue cover that includes up to 1 hour of labour roadside. And if there is a serious repair that cannot be fixed at roadside then your vehicle will be recovered.
  • Home call wherein if your vehicle breaks down within the quarter of mile of your home then the company will arrange roadside assistance for you.
  • Recovery plus wherein you an alternative transport arrangement will be done for you and if necessary hotel accommodation will also be arranged while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • The average response time is under 30 minutes and cover for any driver in your vehicle.

You can add Egg optional breakdown cover with your standard insurance plan and take advantage of extra protection and added service in the time of need. Get it now!