Elephant Car Insurance

Elephant car insurance helps protect your automobiles. The basic components used by Chubb to determine the premium for a car policy are: vehicle usage, information, location, driver age and record.

Large cars tend to be less expensive as compared to small cars as they suffer less damage in any type of accident. Sports and luxury cars are more expensive as statistically they are driven more aggressively. The value of the car also affects the quote: expensive cars have more expensive Compare Car Insurance policies.

Greater time on the road means greater exposure to accidents and other losses leading to more expensive plans. Depending on where the car is kept, could affect the premium of the insurance plan. Densely populated area would bring a higher premium than less populated locations. This is known as Territory Rating. Fewer than 25 aged drivers generally have to pay higher rates of insurance. Lastly higher the deductible, lower would be the premium. Elephant Car Company also gives premium discounts in certain states for things like air bags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices and having multiple cars on the policy.

Preferred Car Plan

This policy has been designed to fit the needs of today’s drivers with a premium structure, which is most flexible than most other car security companies. The Elephant Car Insurance company uses a merit rating system which takes into consideration the accident experience, driving record and credit - based insurance ratings before a claim is accepted or rejected. This approach allows greater versatility, flexibility and fairness in the issuance of claims and policies.

Plans For Less Clean Driving Record

Various products and plans have been designed for those individuals who have a less clean driving history. These customizable plans can be bought at competitive rates. The plans are diverse and tend to fit with the needs of all individuals.

Once the car insurance is obtained from Elephant, the financial representative will be at the service of the clients to make up the policy and to claim. Clients are protected against the accidents occurring at any instance. Without right assurance, financial status of an individual will be affected to a greater extent.

At Elephant, rental cars are provided in case of serious repairs. The insurance allows the customer to purchase a new car in case it is required. Company also provides liability coverage for the drivers.

Official website of the company can be visited at elephant.co.uk