Endsleigh Car Insurance

Endsleigh Insurance Company was found in the year 1965 to provide indemnity solutions to all the clients around the globe till retirement and more. Endsleigh has no tie up with any particular company or insurers and can provide latest technology for finding the perfect policy for the policyholders.

Many people opt Endsleigh car insurance because of the available options that can be chosen such as saving the money with the policies, around 40 security schemes are to be chosen among the leading insurance companies. Car security quotes can be opted online within few minutes. There are options to pay the amount monthly.

Cheap Car Insurance

Endsleigh offers cheaper insurance to the clients around UK and around the globe. The quotations can be obtained online with the latest technology that can predict the different coverage that suits the holder.

Short Term Car Coverage

If you own car insurance from Endsleigh, you can have the option of adding another friend to your insurance policy for few days or even borrow others car with your Compare Car Insurance. Short-term car coverage can insure another driver temporarily for few days. Coverage for the newly brought car can be delivered faster. Coverage can include damages caused to another person’s car or body. Comprehensive coverage is provided at competitive rates. Without loosing the NCD, Car can be hired or lend to one of your friend. Policy can cover damages caused to car during fire or theft or any wreckage.

Third Party Coverage

This ensures protection for third party drivers. Damages caused to other peoples car or body can be protected. This covers liability coverage for damages caused to property or damages caused to other people including passengers, liability that arises due to caravan or trailer that is attached to the car and liability that is caused by the passengers in case they are responsible for the accidents.

Third Party Coverage For Fire, Theft

While the claim is made with this coverage, excess amount is utilized. Fire can occur due to breakdown or sabotage.

Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to providing the same coverage as third party fire and theft policy, comprehensive coverage includes protection against damages caused during the accidents. With the third party coverage, policyholders with the same policy can drive other cars.

Classic cars, modified cars and imported cars are the additional insurance policies available with Endsleigh.

The official website of the company be visited at endsleigh.co.uk