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What are car groups and how they affect insurance cover?

Insurers place cars of all makes and models into various groups depending on the risk associated of insuring those cars. Such groups are called car groups. The amount of insurance premium you pay on your car cover depends on the group it is placed with. Luxury and expensive cars are placed in the top group. The higher the car group the more you pay on its cover. In addition to insurance premiums, excesses and discounts also vary from group to group.

Endsleigh cars group insurance plans help you find low cost cover for your vehicle. Be it in any group. Plus the company will also help you find the best of discounts and good deals on your cover so that you save more money. The company has access to all leading insurers in the UK and therefore can offer expert help in finding you the best deal on your car insurance.

How to buy a car insurance plan from Endsleigh?

Make a request for a free quote online. Choose and compare various plans. Pick one that best suits you. Buy it immediately by paying through a secured payment gateway. And, you are covered.