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Endsleigh Classic Cars

Insure pieces of history with specialist insurance plans from Endsleigh.

Insuring a classic car is different from insuring other cars. While the prices of normal cars go down with time, the prices of classic cars increase. In fact these are valuable possessions. So, if you are proud owner of a classic car then choose Endsleigh classic car insurance plan to get a cover for your vehicle and drive it sans any worry. And, all cars built before 1980 can be covered under the plan. All drivers above 25 years are eligible to buy cover for their classic cars. You can add additional drivers (above 25 years) on the classic car policy. And there are no claims discount to be enjoyed. If you have a no claims record on any car then you can redeem it on the purchase of your classic car cover. Plus there are also discounts for low mileage count.

To buy this specialist and super saver insurance plan all you have to do is to be online for a few minutes. Apply for a classic car quote. Compare and pick the one that best suits you. Buy it immediately. No lengthy procedures, no time wasting paperwork and other formalities.