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Endsleigh Modified Cars

Are you being charged excessively for your modified car? Why pay more when you get it at less with Endsleigh modified cars insurance plan.

Owning a modified car is a pleasure. Something for which you should be proud about not penalized. And Endsleigh realizes this and that's why helps you find insurance plans for your modified cars at low rates. And there is no compromise on benefits. So, whether your car is fitted with alloy wheels or have an engine upgrade, you can buy insurance plans from the company and save money on your cover. The insurance plans are available for all car types with any up gradation and drivers above 18 with any driving past are eligible for it.

With a modified cars insurance plan you will get cover for-

  • Theft and damages due to fire and accident
  • Claims of third parties
  • Legal expenses
  • Breakdown services
  • For some accessories and personal belongings

And that's not all! There is a comprehensive list of additional benefits that can be added to your modified car insurance plan.

So, don't let your money leak unnecessarily. Buy an Endsleigh modified cars insurance plan and smartly cover your dream car.