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Endsleigh Short Term Car Insurance

You friend would be driving your car for few days? You have borrowed your friend's car for the weekend? Go enjoy but do take a short term insurance and enjoy with full freedom.

A short term car insurance covers you and your vehicle in case you have to drive someone else's car or any colleague or relative is borrowing your car for some time. Car owners ignore the prospect of an accident or any damage for short term and at times have to pay huge repair bills. So, why take a chance when you can financially secure yourself and your car with a small amount. Endsleigh brings for you hundreds of short term insurance plans from leading insurers that will provide short term insurance at low rates and without any compromise to the cover.

With an Endsleigh short term insurance plan you can add your friend or colleague to your insurance policy or take a spate cover when you are driving someone else's car. You can insure for any period between 1 to 28 days.

So, apply for a quote today to know more about the plan. And then buy it immediately. Within a few minutes, you would be ready to go with full protection.