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Endsleigh Student Car Insurance

Student life is full of fun and freedom. Endsleigh has added some more fun in the form of student car insurance where students can enjoy huge discounts on their car insurance. Students above the age of 18 are eligible for Endsleigh student car insurance.

What you will get in a car insurance plan?

  • A comprehensive cover including damages due to fire or accident or loss due to theft
  • Financial protection for any claims made by third parties
  • Personal accident cover in case of a road accident
  • Car windscreen repair and replacement
  • Financial protection for loss of your personal belongings

And a range of extra benefits to tailor made the plan as per your need. You can cover cars of all types and makes including imported and modified ones. And drivers between age of 18 to 21 years can earn high discounts that can reduce your premium amounts to as lower as half the original price.

Moreover, you can buy the insurance plan by sitting in your room at university. No need to bunk classes. Just be online and apply for a quote. Choose a plan that suits your budget. Buy it online and get cover instantly.