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Endsleigh Types of Cover

Endsleigh helps you find insurance plans with all levels of cover so that you can compare the benefits and costs of all cover levels and then choose the one that will best suit your budget and needs.

The various cover levels available are-

  • Third party cover- The minimum cover you need to drive a vehicle in UK. The cover protects other people, drivers and pedestrians, who get injured with people. It also covers any damages to the property of third party. Suitable for people who drive a low value car.
  • Third party fire and theft cover- It provides more benefits than third party cover. Under this, you not only get cover for damages to third party and its property but also damages caused to your own vehicle due to fire and theft are also covered.
  • Comprehensive cover- You get all the benefits of third party fire and theft cover. Plus there is other benefit like accidental damages to your car is protected. You can also add extra cover for windscreen damage, courtesy cars etc.

The insurance plans of Endsleigh give you freedom of choice of cover levels. Get the one you need today and drive with more protection!