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Express Classic Car Insurance

Are you a proud owner of a classic car? Then you need to cover it with a right insurance plan. Normal insurance plans won't be able to do justice to the priceless classic cars. It is a valuable possession. And that’s why it is important to get the best insurance cover for it. If you own a classic car and want a high quality cover for it then Express classic insurance is a good choice.

The insurance plans offered by Express are designed by taking into consideration the importance of classic cars. Such cars are part of history and their value only increases with time. So, it is important that the cover does justice to the value of a classic car.

Express classic car insurance offers numerous benefits such as:

• Cover for fire, theft or accidental damage

• Cover for claims made by third parties

• No claim discounts for safe drivers

• Courtesy car and other useful breakdown options

• Extra benefits can be added at nominal rates

Express understands the true value of a classic car. And, therefore provides cover that gives best protection to you against any loss to your car. Buy and benefit from it.