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Express Short Term Insurance

Are you lending or borrowing a vehicle for a short time? Then don't leave anything to a chance. Insure it with an Express short term insurance plan.

There are times when you may need to help a friend with your car. Or it may be that you may need a friend's car as your car is in repair. In such situations, you can take a short term insurance and cover the vehicle for any damages that can happen in the period. Most people don't prefer taking a short term insurance assuming that nothing will happen. But it may prove risky. An accident or a breakdown can happen without an invitation. And in such cases you may have to shell out your hard earned money to pay for the repair or damages. Why take such a risk. Get a short term insurance plan from Express and drive your friend's car with full peace of mind.

Short term insurance is available to car of all types and models. Any drivers above the age of 21 can buy it. The insurance is available up to 28 days and you can renew it as per your need. Get it and enjoy your drive.