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Express Van Insurance

Tired of hollow promises of insurance companies? Try an Express van insurance plan and get what you are promised. And, Pay what you have got in your quote.

Express van insurance plans offer simple yet comprehensive cover benefits to van owners in UK. The company offers insurance solutions that are not only rich in benefits but are also low on cost to accommodate different household budgets.

You can insure any van that carries up to 4 passengers and is used in transit of goods. The insurance plans cover vans for domestic as well as commercial purpose. You can pick from many cover levels, a range of optional extras and many other benefits. You can also include courtesy vehicle facility in your plan so that an alternate vehicle will be arranged whilst you van is in repair at an approved garage. If you travel outside UK then you can also include European cover in your plan. There are also breakdown covers available that can be either singly taken or can be combined with a standard insurance plan.

So, enjoy the freedom of choice you get with Express insurance. Pick a van insurance plan that best suits your interest and drive with absolute peace of mind.