Motor Quote Direct Car Insurance

People often come across situations where they don’t really have a lot of time to expend over other important things like a Compare Car Insurance, the importance of which can never be overstated in today’s recession prone markets. Motor Quote Direct Car Insurance understands this and provides some of the most qualitative and swift services amongst others.

Assumptions for Swiftness

Motor Quote Direct Car Insurance demands its customers’ honesty and truthfulness while they opt for a policy as it makes certain assumptions, thereby expediting the insurance purchasing process. These assumptions are a clean credit record without any insurance refusals in the past, the vehicle exists in its original form and the driver has never had to undergo criminal convictions except the road traffic related ones. If these assumptions are not applicable to you, help of Motor Quote Direct sales team can be asked for finding car insurance suitable for you.


A Motor Quote direct Car Insurance can be bought for all kinds of cars including high performance cars as well as classic or vintage cars. It is actually an intermediary featuring a number of prominent insurers like NIG, AXA, Fortis and Chaucer car insurance and some other high profile insurance providers like Norwich Union, Legal & General, Provident and Zurich.

Purchasing Motor Quote Direct Car Insurance is a four-step process. During the first step, the policy date, no claims bonus, customer and additional drivers’ details are recorded. A proof is required if the no claims bonus is also to be used on cars other than the insured one.

The second step deals with recording the details of the vehicle to be insured. This is followed by the proposer being asked to provide his contact details so that the policy documents can be securely sent to the requested place. If you want to compare between various policies and know their quotes, the online quote service can be accessed for accomplishing this task smoothly and quickly. Once a quote is generated, customers are allowed to view, change or buy the insurance. A 24 hours daily claims support is also provided to the clients.

Motor Quote Direct holds a name of reputation and respect for it’s over four decade presence in the car insurance business. can be visited for understanding more about this company and its offerings. You will see that most of its products can be bought at some of the most competitive rates in the insurance industry as of today.