Prudential Car Insurance

Prudential Car Insurance is one of the leading Compare Car Insurance providers in the UK. It offers different levels of car policies catering to different needs of the customers and serves a host of benefits. By providing competitive quotes, discounts and unbeaten quality to its customers, Prudential has today successfully created its niche in the car insurance market.

Benefits of Prudential Car Insurance & Quick Glance

Some of the major benefits offered by Prudential Car Insurance include -

  • Up to 65% No Claims Discount;
  • European Cover for a period of 90 days as standard;
  • Free Courtesy Car;
  • 10% discount for online buyers;
  • An accident recovery helpline working round the clock with comprehensive cover.

Types of Prudential Car Insurance Policies

Prudential Car Insurance offers three different levels of insurance cover -

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive Car Insurance policy provides you with full liability cover against accidental damage to the car, including fire, theft, malicious damage, and windscreen damage. Along with this, it provides a courtesy car and also gives a five year guarantee on repairs if you use one of its approved garages. The cover includes -
    • Accidental damage to your car
    • Malicious damage to your car
    • Medical expenses
    • Personal accidents
    • Damage or loss of personal property carried in your car

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance: This level not only provides third party liability benefits but also offers additional cover which includes -
    • Liability for causing injury to other people including passengers;
    • Liability for damaging other’s property;
    • Liability for your car being stolen or being damaged due to theft or attempted theft;
    • Liability for your car being damaged by fire

  • Third Party Only Car Insurance: Within the UK, this is the minimum level of cover that you can take out for your vehicle, legally. It covers your liability towards the third party in case of any accident. It protects you against liability arising out of damage caused by you to other people or other’s vehicle. In a nutshell it covers:
    • Liability for injuring other people including passengers
    • Liability for damage to other’s property or vehicle

    Thus, Prudential Car Insurance has a lot in store for everyone at affordable rates. It is therefore why Direct Excellence concluded (Oct 2007) that 63% people can save on their premiums if they switch to Prudential Car Insurance.