Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance

Sainsbury’s Bank has been serving the UK people with financial services and products since 1997. Over the period of more than 10 years, the company has established a number of products and services that include credit cards, loan services and insurance products. Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance products are becoming the popular ways for car owners to avail cheap settlemant quotes with convenience. Here is a review of the car insurance products offered by the company.

Car Insurance Products

Sainsbury’s Bank offers following types of car insurance products to the UK car owners:

  • Comprehensive car insurance cover.
  • Third party fire and theft cover.
  • Third party only covers.

In case of comprehensive car insurance cover, the customer is offered a number of benefits like free courtesy car in case the customer’s car is undergoing repair by a repairer recommended by the company.

Car Owner Benefits

The main benefits offered by the Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance include the lowest possible quotes and fast and convenient claim process. Moreover, the company offers a 5-year guarantee on the repairs, provided that the repair work has been conducted by one of the recommended repairers.

Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance holders are offered the following benefits:

  • Claim against vandalism and malicious damage, without affecting the no-claim discount offered by the company.
  • Protection of no-claim discount, even if the customer’s car is involved in the accident due to the fault of uninsured driver.
  • Claim for £200 for the damage caused to Sainsbury’s shopping due to fire, theft or any other reason.
  • £1,000 compensation in case the car insurance holder faces any physical assault during road rage.
  • Breakdown assistance and legal covers are the additional benefits of the car insurance products offered by the company.

Online Services

Sainsbury’s online services further simplify the process of applying for the suitable cover. One can visit the website and evaluate the car coverage quotes offered by the company. A 10% discount is promised by the company on the purchase of Compare Car Insurance product online. Moreover, a car owner can download the policy documents from the website in order to learn about the plans from the comfort of home.

One can also take advantage of round the clock customer support services offered by the company.