Screentrade Car Insurance

Screentrade, based at London is the trading name of Lloyds TSB Insurance Services, which offers a bevy of car insurance options. Customers can enjoy the benefits of comprehensive cover, third party fire & theft cover and motor breakdown cover at rates that fall easy on their wallets.

Customers having a no claim history of 5 years can enjoy a 70% claim discount. In addition, you can enjoy a 30 day free period of annual European cover and exceptionally low rates for Green Flag Motoring Assistance Breakdown cover. You would be provided with spare vehicle duration the repair period. Anyone who is the holder of a valid UK/EU license with a permanent UK address is eligible for car policy coverage.

One of the reputed insurance providers in the UK, Screentrade offers smart and swift surety options to suit all your needs. Attractive discounts and features make it superior option, well worth your money. Car insurance is a legal obligation that is necessary to drive the vehicle on public roads and in the event of any unfortunate accidents. Depending on various options like the age of the driver and the model of the car, insurance amount could add up to a pretty penny in many cases.

In case you are on the look out for smart car deals, always make sure to compare the quotes online and to settle for the best. An ideal car insurance policy should have all the essential features at the best possible prices. Apart from credibility of the company, you should make sure that you are getting for what you pay. At the online insurance broker of Screentrade, you are rest assured of the lowest quotes ad the best possible service options as a panel of insurance experts would help you to pick up the lowest quote in no time.

Screentrade Compare Car Insurance is available only for the customers of the UK and its insurance deals are arranged by Devitt Insurance Services Limited. You can browse through the quotes of various insurers to pick up the most ideal options including coverage for theft, fire, motor break down cover or comprehensive coverage according to the needs of the customers. Some of the unbeatable benefits associated with screen trade policies include attractive discounts on online purchase and a minimum cover for EU trips. In case you are looking for enhanced coverage, Screentrade would be a great option as it offers coverage for medical expenses, accommodation, clothing and personal belongings among others.