Tesco Car Insurance

If you are looking for a cheap and comprehensive car insurance policy, Tesco Car Insurance will definitely serve the purpose. The Tesco Value Car Insurance ensures that you do not pay for the extras that you might not need at all and thus helps in more saving. So if you are looking for a policy that gives you sufficient cover while being light at your pocket, Tesco Car Insurance is all you need.

What is Tesco Value Car Insurance?

Tesco Value Car Insurance is a no frills cover that provides you cover while you are on the road by ensuring that you do not pay for the extras that you might not be using at all. So, for all those drivers in UK who were feeling the heat of the rising motoring costs, Tesco Value Car Insurance is certainly going to be a welcome relief.

Key Benefits of Tesco Value Car Insurance

The following are the reasons why one should choose Value Car Insurance from Tesco:

  • Affordable: Tesco Value Compare Car Insurance is a no frills cover. It means that you can now keep costs of your car provision premium significantly low by opting not to pay for extras that you may not need while on road.
  • Multi-Car Discount: You shall be eligible for multi-car discount if anyone from your home is already insured with Tesco Value Car Insurance.
  • Discount for Named Drivers: Named drivers are eligible for a discount with Value Car Insurance if they take out a policy with Tesco.
  • Extra Options: There are certain extra options also available with Value Car Insurance. Some of them are -
    • Motor Legal Protection: With Motor Legal Protection, you need not worry about bearing legal costs if you have met an accident that is not your fault. You can claim compensation for any injury or death caused to the other party and can also recover losses for which you are not insured.
    • Protected No Claims Discount: This option gives you an opportunity to protect your no claims discount.

  • Other Benefits: Not only this, with Tesco Value Car Insurance one can receive whopping discounts on car servicing and mechanical repairs and other discounts from nationwide auto centres. Tesco Car Insurance customers can also avail additional discount on Tesco Home Insurance.

With so much to offer, Tesco Value Car Insurance is truly a value for money policy.