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The newest of the lot, Ladybird Insurance was established in 2002 in the small village of Worcestershire, with only a handful inside the office room. It currently possesses around 70 people, with operations all over the United Kingdom. The key behind this quick success is nothing but 15 years of experience in the insurance sector by its founder member, Lisa Mc. Pherson. Later supported by Mike Wall, an underwriter of the insurance industry, Lady Bird is presently one of the leading assurance brokerage companies specializing in female insurances all around U.K.

Ladybird offers its clients with customized products and services; to suit each customer preferences and can investigate with over twenty companies to get the best quotes for them. Though Ladybird can offer only a limited percentage of discount and bonus claims, it can reduce premiums to a great extent. The companyís ability to serve its clients with unique policy options on female motorizing sector makes it the most unique against the hundreds over the boundaries. To get going with the entire process, Lady Bird car insurance houses a fleet of experts, experienced in different sectors, from underwriting and insurance agents to I.T. and business management. They all work in their respective domains to enhance client experience.

Quoting Mark Powis, Director of Ladybird, "our employees are trained as per our customerís requirements", this high level of energy is another key behind their huge success. To deliver a hassle free car assurance service, the company provides its clients the procedure to tailor their own policy plans. Besides providing car damage solution only to women, Lady Bird has also launched "Fresh", catering to menís Compare Car Insurance needs and home insurance requirements. Besides car insurance, Lady Birdís Fresh also deals in commercial van insurances and travel insurances. Similar to other companies and its own, Fresh also lets its men the option to tailor their own benefits.

Through Ladybirdís car insurance plans such as "Legal Expense Cover", one can claim up to hundred thousand pounds, for personal injury charges with replacement of old vehicle, in case of a major accident backed up with proper "no fault" proofs. Assistance to vehicle breakdown is also assisted under Ladybird car insurance. Its unique offer of £49.50 with other amenities has already attracted a good number of people, to its treasure. Plans such as key protector and windscreen cover also exist. Rush to the online store of the company at

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