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The Automobile Association Insurance Services Limited is fully authorized by the FSA, UK. It offers car insurance as well as personal accident cover. Medical expenses and immediate assistance post an accident is also provided by AA Car Insurance team.

AA Car Insurance

The firm is also popular as AA Motor Insurance, which offers very cheap car quotes to its customers. AA has thus launched itself as one of the major car cover firms in UK. The insurance company is well equipped with able staff members and experts who strive to find the best possible car insurance quote for its numerous online customers. Furthermore, it provides a decent 12.5% discount through their online portal. Most of its customers are satisfied with the car policy packages and premiums that are comparatively cheaper than quotes from other policy providers.

Some of the attractive features of AA Car Insurance schemes are as follows:

  • A fully operational 24-hour claim line
  • The insurance offers up to £ 50,000 in legal car security
  • Free escort or car service in case of car accidents or sudden repairs
  • £300 claim offered as medical expenses
  • In addition, customers get 35% off on the initial breakdown cover
  • AA Car Insurance also provides short-term or temporary car insurance schemes, wherein customers can borrow a vehicle.
  • Customers can also avail of instant drive away cover if they have purchased a brand new car. These rules are valid for those who are above 24 years old, for a cover period spanning 1 to 28 days.

Car insurance tips and plans include car cover packages for women, cheap vehicular cover plans, car insurance for young drivers, young students and cover plans for learning drivers. There are umpteen advantages if you take an online cover under AA car policy. Saving time and effort by securing instant online Compare Car Insurance quotes, getting the best possible competitive quotes, reading complete details of their insurance policies and sundry benefits before you decide on a particular cover. Most of the customers are fully satisfied with the services and suggest the same to their friends.

You can also get more valuable information from their official website about numerous car policies, quotes, discounts, exclusive car services, benefits and renewal claims. You can contact them via phone or email, the customer service staff will oblige all kinds of queries or doubts regarding car insurance cover schemes and policies.

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