Argos Car Insurance

Argos Car Insurance has got good reviews from experts as well as customers. The discounted online deals are one of the major attractions of Argos Car Insurance cover.

Some of the important features of Argos Car Insurance plans are as follows:

  • Car Replacements - Customers can avail of a brand new car in case they are in the full car insurance cover bracket, and if the old car is not more than a year old.
  • Legal Security - Customers stand to gain up to 75,000 pounds for sundry losses, which also embraces personal injury.
  • Emergency Medical Cover - Customers get instant medical cover in case of road mishaps during driving. Such expenses do not make a dent on the claims discount.
  • Audio Protection - In case of theft or fire, customers can claim up to 500 pounds to 200 pounds as compensation.

In addition to all this, you also get a Keycare Protection deal as a part of the cover scheme. Other mandatory benefits such as 24 hour help services, protection from theft or lost car keys and unique way to recover lost keys are also available. To get you very own Argos car insurance quote, you can log on to the official website and read details about the various car insurance packages and their benefits.

In case of major car accidents, the policyholders need to contact the customer care or claims department immediately through phone lines and provide complete details of the present scenario. These conversations are recorded and the incident is duly reported to the insurers who act accordingly. If the car is badly damaged then customers are notified to remove valuable possession and arrange for some means of car security.

Events like car theft has to be notified with the police and the crime reference number should be handed over to the insurance company. All legal expenses and claims for uninsured loss recovery are decided by the panel of insurers for the company. Argos Compare Car Insurance policy also includes adequate car cover for abroad travel. Such travelling cover is extended up to 90 days for the customers benefit.

With Argos you will never feel the pinch or pressure of payments as they are quite flexible in nature. You can pay annually or monthly through debit card or credit card or even by the Argos card. So, go ahead and become a responsible Argos Car Insurance policyholder.