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To lead a comfortable and happy life, you need to have considerable monetary savings. You can do so by choosing a car insurance that is suitable for you. AIG Car Insurance aims to help you get a security cover that is feasible according to your financial situation.

Being part and parcel of AIG car insurance earns you numerous rewards. The top class expert insurers of the company ensure that each and very customer gets the best deal possible.

AIG Car Insurance

Some of the highlighting features of AIG Direct Car Insurance are as follows:

  • Free car service when your car is broken down
  • Unlimited cover for owner’s navigational and audio devices.
  • Flexibility in payments for the convenience of the customers
  • Unsatisfied Customers can reclaim their money back within 48 hours.
  • Efficient and prompt car services in case of major breakdowns while driving.

Compare Car Insurance Policy

Nowhere in the UK can you get a better deal for Compare Car Insurance policy. You can avail of the latest quotes through the online website of the company. For great car insurance quotes, you can log online or talk to the company representatives in person or via phone. Once satisfied with the quote you may continue for a secure online confirmation. And then become a part of AIG car insurance policyholders.

AIG Direct is part of the American International Group. It is also registered in England, UK as UNAT Direct Insurance Management Limited. AIG has made a distinct place for itself. This distinction is among the British public by rendering quality claim services to UK based customers. AIG has been offering novel and best car insurance deals to UK customers from past 17 years or so. Apart from car insurance, the company also offers personal accidental, health, travel, exclusive insurance for cancer sufferers, etc.

All potential customers who want online car insurance are guaranteed of total security cover and safety. All personal and financial details are handled with the utmost care and vigilance. The AIG website uses the latest encryption language for highest protection against malpractices. All important personal and sensitive information will be entered in a secure area; even payments made are safeguarded similarly. When you are divulging such personal info, you can notice a padlock. At this stage corner end of your browser as a confirmation.

You can log on to the website for more valued details regarding car safety and quotes. AIG car insurance will never fail to impress you anyways!

About Coverage

Many car owners get their vehicle insured just to complete the legal formality. And therefore in most cases, the vehicle remains under-insured. But saving a few bucks on the insurance policy, at times, can be really disastrous . . .

Insurance Policy

Getting your car insured is a legal obligation. But, more than that, it is also a wise decision because a disaster can happen anytime. And you need adequate protection to save yourself from losses

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