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You might have heard about beauty parlours for women or fashion boutiques for women, but have you ever heard about car insurance for women? Well, there is one in the UK and it is girl’s best friend – Diamond Car Insurance.

But why develop an insurance product especially for women? Well, a research conducted a few years ago suggested that men and women have a similar number of accidents. But the extent of damage differs in between both the sexes.

Diamond Car Insurance

Diamond Car Insurance

This is supported by the fact that 92% of the times men are involved in driving offences; while 96% of all the times, dangerous driving convictions go towards men. Women, on the other hand, do not drive for long distances and drive slowly and cautiously. Simply put, this means that when a man is responsible for the accident, the claim company has to pay more towards repairing the car or towards liabilities cover and other covers, whereas in case of women these covers cost much less.

This means women are getting expensive car cover products, which mostly are meant for men. Diamond Car Insurance Company fills this gap by offering women cheap car policy products, which also keep in mind their insurance products.

Comprehensive Compare Car Insurance

Comprehensive Compare Car Insurance, third party fire and theft cover and third party only. They cover are the three products sold by the company to its customers. Products offered in all three categories are handpicked by Diamond Insurance Company from a consortium of insurers led by Great Lake Reinsurance (UK) Plc. Modification cover products are also of Great Lake Reinsurance (UK) Plc. In the case of legal expenses (in form of legal fees or liabilities arising due to life or property damage), the Company uses products provided by Albany Assistance Limited and underwritten by IGI Insurance Company Limited.

But if car cover products issued by Diamond are meant for women, there should be something special for women in it. Of course, there is and here is the list – free courtesy car for a period of 15 days while your car is being repaired, free handbag cover for a maximum of ₤300, flexible payment options and free European included in all its policies. Since this is the case of women, round the clock roadside emergency helpline and 24-hour glass repair helpline are also included in the cover. For more detailed information on products offered by the company and their benefits, visit diamond.co.uk.

Motor Bike Insurance

Looking for good deals on the motorbike? Then don’t miss out on Diamond motorbike insurance. The insurance plans from Diamond offer excellent benefits to motorbike owners through its comprehensive cover. . . .

Van Insurance

Your van is a valuable asset to your business. And therefore it needs special protection. Have you insured it adequately? No, then give it complete protection with Diamond van insurance cover plans. . . .

Car Warranty Cover

Has your manufacturer car warranty over? No problem. You can buy Diamond car warranty cover and do all the repairs without worries. And these covers are provided to all vehicles. . . .

Car Insurance for Women

Are you looking for a specialized women car insurance? Do you want great deals on car insurance? . . .

Multi-Car Insurance

Do you own many cars? Now get all of the insured with a single insurance plan and save more. . . .

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