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Key Connect car insurance, one of the largest insurances brokers in the entire European continent belongs to the renowned family of the Heath Lambert Group. Besides general car insurance, Key Connect Car Insurance also deals in letting residential properties and other property management activities to their widespread customer base of tenants and their respective landholders. The unique capability of customizing and tailoring property to one’s personal preference against their competitive rates takes them across the million European’s trust and reliability.

Key Connect Car Insurance

In regards to insurance products and services, Key connect offers a complete package of booking and administration, including third-party registrations, to its customers.

Key Connect Car Insurance

Be it your car insurance or home content insurance, Key Connect will offer you a prompt service. To mobilize the process, the company offers to accept payment online. These policies automatically include your key recovery services and legal protection covers. So, you no more need to rush to their local office and wait for your turn. Rather, pull out your credit card or debit card and you are on!! From purchasing policies online to paying the premiums, Key Connect has every option lined up at your own will. Moreover, Key Connect also offers a wide array of discounts for its online transactions. So, don’t miss that.

Key Connect also facilitates changes to existing policies, against a minimal administration charge of £15.00 only. It also provides its clients to cancel one policy plan, subject within 14 days. From the day of delivery of the policy papers. Amidst Compare Car Insurance, the company lets its clients to choose from the cover that includes physical parts to theft allowances. If one doesn’t need one option he might omit it out and he no more needs to pay for the same. The company to its car assurance and home insurance members also facilitates “Key care” and legal protection covers.

Deliver the best service

To deliver the best service across European boundaries, Key Connect is always open to accept complaints. Complaints are usually taken care of within 5 working days. At Key Connect, they say, “We set our aim to 20 days, to solve each of your queries”. People dissatisfied with their service can land up to the chief executive’s office. Details can be found quoted on the Motor Insurance Certificate.

Famous as the “investor of people”, Key Connect car and home insurances are indeed a good option to invest with. So, turn on the Internet and get going with your insurance plans.

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