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It is a natural human tendency to opt for known names whenever stepping out for some major shopping. Norwich Union is the brand that you would want to look for when shopping for Compare Car Insurance.

Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance

Number Story

Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance is believed to be serving 1 in every 7 U.K vehicles. Customers who go claim-free over 5 years are rewarded with a discounting of their premium amount by up to 70%. A 5% discount is provided if the customer ensures one more car with Norwich Union.

The customer also stands to enjoy a 5% discount during the subsequent renewal of the first policy. With Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance, customer savings can increase by 10%. On account of the competitive rates of the policy. A similar discount is available if Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance is purchased online.

Along with this, accidental damages to the car are immediately covered that includes windscreens as well. Breakdown assistance is provided for recovering the vehicle, getting it repaired from an approved repairer and helping the customer. And other vehicle passengers to reach home. If the customers repair their car only from approved repairers. They stand a chance of enjoying a 3-year guarantee overall repairs. Only the claim excess is required to be paid in that case. A 24-hour telephone service is also available for the customers to use and solve all their policy-related issues.

Optional Benefits

The courtesy car is provided to the customer while the broken down car is being repaired. An optional cover of one consultation and 8 treatments can be availed along with. The comprehensive cover for improving the chances of recovering speedily after an accident. The legal cover can be availed for recovering medical damages or losses. And other uninsured losses if the customer is not at fault during an accident. If the no claims discount period is of 5 years and 3 years of no-fault claims have passed of it. The customer is guaranteed a policy term maximum discount that is irrespective of the number of claims made.

Norwich Union is the largest insurance provider in Britain with investments. Savings and pensions being its other main areas of service. In the car damage reimbursement segment, Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance is associated with a number of niche short-term policies. The van and female insurance and so on. You can visit its official website at for knowing more about its impressive range of products.

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