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Privilege is one of the most well-known car insurance providers in the UK. With competitive quotes, it also provides one of the best Privilege Car Insurance services in the car reimbursement industry. If you are looking for a policy that is simple, affordable and hassle-free, Privilege is the right destination.

Privilege Car Insurance

Benefits of Taking Car Insurance Policy with Privilege

The following are the benefits of taking out a Compare Car Insurance policy from Privilege –

Call Centers at the UK:

Privilege Car Insurance has set up several call centres for its customers in the UK. Staff at these centres is polite and have the requisite experience to handle all your car insurance related queries.

Multi-Car Discount:

If you insure additional cars with Privilege. You shall qualify for a special discount of 10% in the first year and 5% on subsequent renewals.
Named Driver No Claims Discount:

Privilege is one of the few car insurance companies that offer Named Drivers No Claims Discount (NDNCD). Named drivers are rewarded NDNCD up to 5 years if they take out a policy of their own with Privilege. They not only earn their own discount, but they also remain claim free on your policy. The data of the Named Drivers is recorded onto our systems and we identify them as and when they walk into our office for taking their own policy.

Accident-Free Recovery Service:

Privilege offers accident-free recovery service 24 hours a day ensuring. That is approved car repairers collect, service, clean, repair and deliver the car back to you in no time. A 24-hour accident recovery line is also there at your service, in case you need it.

Company Car No Claims Discount:

To qualify for this benefit, you need to be more than 25 years of age and possess no claims history on your earlier company car policy. The Company Car No Claims Discount entitles you a No Claims Discount up to 5 years on a policy taken out with it.

Other Discounts:

With Privilege, discounts don’t seem to end. It offers No Claims Discount up to 65%, 25% off on first year’s breakdown cover. and Only Driver Discount, Online Discount, and several others.

Other Services:

Other services at Privilege include new replacement car, emergency roadside assistance, windscreen replacement hotline, child car-seat replacement, etc.
It is because of the wealth of benefits and services. That Privilege provides that its customers remain happy and loyal throughout.

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