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QUINN-direct has become a popular name in the UK, after its grand performance in Ireland. Because of its excellent value for money policies and unbeaten customer service quality. It boasts of having more than a million customers who flock to the company for several general insurance needs. Other than Compare Car Insurance, QUINN-direct also deals in motorcycle, van, home and business insurance products.

QUINN-direct Car Insurance

Why Choose QUINN-direct Car Insurance?

A car insurance policy from QUINN-direct offers the following benefits –

  • Discount for Named Drivers: If you have been driving claim free on the roads on another insurance policy. You shall be eligible for a discount for named driving experience from QUINN-direct.
  • Free Breakdown Cover: Now you can be more confident on the road with the QUINN-direct car insurance policy in hand. Its breakdown cover includes home start, roadside assistance, journey completion and vehicle recovery.
  • Courtesy Car: If you use an approved repairer and your car is under repairs. So QUINN-direct will also provide you with a courtesy car.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: The easy monthly payment plan from QUINN-direct allows one to distribute the cost of insurance. With the passage of time by using direct debit Installments plan.
  • Personal Accident (Comprehensive Policy): If your vehicle gets involved in an accident. QUINN-direct will pay for major disabilities or death of the policyholder, as the case may be.
  • Audio Cover: Car insurance policy from QUINN-direct also provides an audio cover which covers audio equipment, transmitters or radio receivers.
  • Medical and Hotel Expenses (Comprehensive Policy): QUINN-direct will pay for the medical expenses for each person injured. If the vehicle gets involved in an accident. You also need not worry about payment of hotel expenses For all people in your vehicle, if your car gets severely damaged such that it cannot be driven.
  • Loss of Keys: QUINN-direct provides cover if you lose your keys or your keys get stolen.

Policies for Everyone

QUINN-direct has a car insurance policy for everyone. But if you are a woman driver, a mature driver or a young car driver. They offer a low-cost car insurance policy for women drivers as women drivers are safe drivers, statistically. Women drivers can also enjoy cover up to 93 days while driving in the European Union. QUINN-direct Car Insurance also recognizes expertise and experience of drivers. But over the age of 50 and offers them lower car insurance premiums.

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