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AXA Car Insurance, part of the AXA Group of Compare Car Insurance Companies. This is one of Ireland’s oldest and largest claim companies. AXA is one of the top three insurance companies in the world and a car, home and business insurance specialist. In terms of revenues, AXA is also the fifteenth largest stock exchange listed company. The network infrastructure of AXA comprises 42 branches throughout UK supported by more than 400 agents and brokers.

AXA Car Insurance

AXA is not a single company; rather it is a group of companies which are independently organised and are separately managed according to local regulations. First Group Company of AXA was known as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. And still has its headquarters situated in Paris, France.

Some unique propositions

Car insurance products sold by the company offer some unique features to its customers. Car drivers who have insured their cars with AXA and have not made any claims. This claim is a period of three years are eligible for discounts up to 70%. Depending on the type of car indemnity product, even if the driver has made a claim. This claim is in any one type of claim, the customer is still eligible for a 70% discount. Specifically, no claims involving fire, theft or glass breakage are reimbursed in the form of discounts up to 70%. Residents of UK, who travel to European countries frequently, are eligible for 31 days. In these days of cover with no cap on the number of trips made to any of the European countries.

In case the customer’s car meets with an accident when the car is being repaired. AXA provides the car insurance holder with free seven days replacement car. Comprehensive AXA car insurance holders are eligible to get a new car. For replacement in case of third party fire and theft. Other additional benefits of the car insurance products of the company include – round the clock motor rescue.

Whether on road or at your home and full coverage in case a valid license holder in the age group of 25-70 meets with an accident while driving the car insured by AXA. Expenses covered by the company are medical (up to ₤200). In-car entertainment systems (5% of car value or up to ₤650, whichever is lower, personal effects (a maximum of ₤250), lock replacement (up to ₤750) and unlimited glass cover if the supplier approved by AXA is used. To know more about the company and its products, log on to

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