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If you go on a vacation and require a rental car service; do not worry about unexpected emergencies. People often want to hire a car for urgent business trips. And another thing is holiday excursions can avail of a car rental claim. And if you plan to get one, you can try your luck at Atlas Car Rental Insurance UK. The best company for claiming excess reimbursement.

Atlas Car Rental Insurance

Atlas Car rental and its excess reimbursement policy provide cover for all excess payments that are made by you for a car rental policy. Thus the Loss damage waiver insurance or Collision damage waiver. And their excess amount is paid by the car rental insurance company in case of any vehicular damage. The excess amount can be anything between 500 pounds to 1200 pounds as per the type of vehicle, supplier’s demand and the journey location.

The following features of Atlas car rental insurance are attractive and affordable:

  • The maximum days for rental services extend up to 180 days
  • The policyholder’s age limit is between 21 years and 74 years from the start of the policy period.
  • Customers can avail of single as well as multiple rental Compare Car Insurance policies for 1 year
  • The car rentals products are relatively simple and easy to understand

Online customers can get an instant quote as per their financial status and needs. Atlas car rental covers boast of great customer service and superior cover to all UK residents and other online customers. Any queries or doubts will be entertained by quality staff members through phone lines or email.

There are 4 types of excess reimbursement policies

  • The Atlas Excess Reimbursement policy for a single trip or rental services
  • Atlas Excess Reimbursement for 1 year or annual rental trip
  • The Atlas LDW single trip
  • Atlas LDW Annual trip

Each policy is different and unique, all necessary documentation for each product will vary. For detailed info, you can log on to their official website and take a print out of the PDF files. And another way, contact their customer care service or email the support team for further assistance.

It is best to take an annual multi-trip cover for travellers. Who journey more than once a year for business deals or holidays. All legal info regarding ABI code of practice, Data Protection Act. And FSA is other can be derived from the company website of Atlas Direct Travel Insurance and Car Rental Insurance.

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