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Ranked as 25th largest company by Forbes Global 2000, Barclays Plc is a major global financial service provider based in the UK. Based on asset size, it is also the second largest bank in the UK. And one of the leading car insurance service providers. Headquartered at London, Barclays traces back its roots to 1690, probably one of the oldest existing business houses in the world. Barclays Bank Plc, the banking arm of Barclays Plc provides car insurance services in the UK.

Barclays Car Insurance

Simple yet Effective Car Insurance Products

Unlike other car security service providers, the safety products from Barclays Car Insurance fall under two categories – comprehensive car insurance and third party car insurance. The comprehensive car policy products of the company provide the customers with the most feature-rich covers to cars. Prior to issuing a cover, people at Barclays Car Insurance follow some of the strictest guideline laid down by the company.

It covers your car from thefts, damage and accidents. This also includes personal accident covers, in-car audio equipment and accident recovery and repair services. The application process is quite hassled free and can be purchased from authorised agents, local office branches, and brokers and online. If the insurance policy is purchased online, the company offers a ten per cent discount on premium.

Car Insurance Products

Other features of comprehensive car policy by Barclays Car Insurance include – round the clock customer service, a guarantee of three years on repair work, third party fire, third party only and theft cover, and free cover for 60 days when you travel to Europe by your car.

Third party car indemnity is meant for those people who want to be law abiding and want to get cover for their cars as prescribed by the local laws. Basic features of third-party car insurance are liability covers for death or injury to passengers or any other person involved in the accident.

Legal fees are also included in this. Liability towards property damaged by your car in case of an accident is also given cover. If the damaged car is less than a year old and is totally damaged because of the accident, then the Barclays replace the car instead of repairing it. Other types of covers included in the third part Compare Car Insurance have lock replacement expenses, in-car entertainment expenses (in case of theft or damage) and break down expenses, no matter where it happens; at your doorstep or somewhere on the road. For details on the company and its entire car coverage products, log on to

Comprehensive Car Insurance

There are many insurance products in the market but very few can match the comprehensiveness of Barclays car insurance plans. The company has leveraged its decades of experience and rich expertise in dealing with the one.

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